Northgate Adult Tennis Programs & Activities: 

If you’re a tennis player who is really looking for an active, social and spirited tennis community look no farther than NorthGate Tennis Center. There is a wide variety of options given to our adult members in regard to their program and activity choices as shown below.

Monday: Ladies Morning & Evening Drills 8:00-9:30am/7:00-8:30pm. Focus on technique, positioning, consistency with emphasis on doubles strategy. Cost: $20.00 Monday: Men’s Hit Around Night 7:00 to 10:00 Actual point play in a doubles format. The objective of this hit around is to work on your tennis game. Most participants playing are involved in league play but not a requirement. Always looking for team members to fill the 3 teams in B, C and D Leagues.


Tuesday: Free Drop in Drills 7:00 to 8:00. Not only designed to be fun but is with a lot of social aspects. Ground Strokes, Net Play with high spirited competitions of teams playing each other in a doubles format. Teams constantly changing to add an element of surprise and excitement. Stick around and you will find a doubles game after the drill.

Wednesday: Cardio Tennis where your calories go to die. A fast nonstop workout with the backdrop of music.(On hiatus at this time)

Thursday: Social Mixed Doubles night 7:00 to 9:30. Men & Women battle each other in a no holds barred fight of the sexes. Men, make sure your doubles partner is a woman. They always beat the men’s team.

Saturday: Another Free Drop in Drill from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. Even more fun on the Weekend. Why? It’s the weekend. Same High Jinx and Mayhem that takes place on Tuesday night.

Saturday: Advanced Drill from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. This drill puts you in small groups that best fits your level of play. The pro will work with the group on all aspects of the game which includes Technique, Ground Strokes, Net Play, positioning as well as strategies used in doubles.

Beginning Adult Tennis

Ready to get out on the tennis court for the first time or been away for a while? Let Northgate Tennis Center say welcome or welcome back. We’ve been waiting for you to surface. We make it so simple, easy and above all fun to be on our courts. Our main goal is from the time you get here until you leave we want you to have a great experience while playing here.

If you have never played tennis and want to learn, you can get on the courts fast and at a very low cost. Everyone has a short sleeve shirt a pair of shorts, and a pair of good shoes they walk in that have rubber soles. Last but not least a racquet and you do not need an expensive one. We have club Racquets we will be happy to loan you while you decide if tennis is for you or not. If you decide you like tennis I can tell you where you can find a Demo Racquet that sold for over $100.00 a year ago and now cost $40.00. Tennis Balls we have baskets filled with tennis balls you can use.

If you have never played tennis there is a silver lining to that cloud. That means you have not picked up any bad habits you need to break. It would be advisable if you have never played before, that you take a lesson or two just to set off in the right direction. One or two lessons can make a huge difference in your game whether you have never played or you are coming back to the game after a brief hiatus.

The health benefits derived from tennis according to the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, helps lower Cholesterol,

Cost $15.00

Cardio Tennis
Cardio Tennis, the workout, now sweeping the country is ready to take off this September at Northgate Tennis Academy. Have you ever taken, been invited or considered Aerobics or Spinning Classes, to burn calories and tone up? Getting rid of calories should not feel like a job and be something you dread. Cardio Tennis is safe, healthy, builds stamina, focuses on footwork, improves agility and burns your unwanted calories off like a California Forest Fire. Cardio Tennis will get the same if not better results while enjoying a serene back drop of trees, bushes and tranquil Golf Fairways instead of a gym. Have your workout on the tennis court where you play, socialize and are a part of the tennis community.
Cardio Tennis is split up in 3 parts with music being a huge part of the experience. 1. The Warm Up, 2. The Cardio Workout and 3. The Cool Down. All 3 portions have tennis drills and games that will get you excited and have fun. You will hit ground strokes, volleys and other strokes in a fast paced environment. Keep in mind Cardio Tennis is not going to make you a great player. What it will do is give you a great workout, while doing something you truly love while making yourself healthier.
If you truly want to burn calories, play tennis, listen to music, socialize, and play games then Cardio Tennis is something you have to experience for yourself this September. The engines are revving up for this adventure so make a reservation. Call the office to get signed up today!

Contact information:
Office- 281-440-1224